Thursday, August 30, 2018

Encourage Kid's Writing

It is common for a kid to come up with an idea about something which fascinates them. But naively capturing those ideas on paper becomes difficult for them. Here are a few things you can do to inculcate a writing habit.

  • Tell them it is going to be a gameplay.

  • Talking through the ideas and asking them questions about the subject.

  • Ask them to write their ideas as they speak, in a narrative style.

  • Let them make some mistakes in the beginning.

  • Praise them honestly and liberally for their work.

  • Inculcate the thirst for writing by telling them inspiring stories.

Knowing how to put their thoughts into words is the greatest asset that they'll carry all their life. 

Technology trends that will transform the world in 2018

1. IoT - Internet of things:

IoT is a technology which relates with the upcoming 5G technology which enables the devices to talk to each other. Smartphone and smart sensors will enhance the experience of the user.

A typical example for IoT is like the Google search suggestions. When you type a phrase on the Google search, it immediately gives you the suggestion based on your search habits. The same way IoT is a technology which knows your habits and behavior,  accordingly the devices gets instructions automatically and it behaves the way you want them to be.

2. Fintech revolution:

While Bitcoin and Blockchain are grabbing the headlines, mobile payments, wallets and payment gateways play an important role in transforming the world. In country like China the mobile payment volume has already exceeded 5 trillion dollars.

With crypto currencies and cashless initiatives taken by the governments will make a greener opportunities for the Fintechs.

3. AI and the Chat bots:

We have already seen most of the websites and companies started using chat bots for their customer support. Let's say you go to an airlines website and you want to include a meal in your air ticket and you can talk to a chat bot and get it done.

There are even more complex things a chat bot can do but we have to wait a little more time for the future to unfold and surprise us.    

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What is IGTV?

Recently Instagram launched a stand alone app called IGTV which enable the users to watch long vertical videos on Instagram.


Similar to the Youtube, user can upload any content which is not more than an hour. A user can start his own channel and upload his own content based on his interest. Instagram wants the platform to be more open, engaging and entertaining for its users.

Since the Youtube is already crowded with content, Instagram's IGTV is a ray of hope for the content and channel creators.

Top 5 work from home jobs

We all know how our personal life gets affected because of the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Here is a list of things you can give it a try to save your valuable time to spend with your family.

work from home jobs

1. Blogging: 

If you have a flair for writing, then this could be a life changer for you. You can start a blog very easily. There are lot of options in the internet to create a free blog. It takes a little time and passion and some Seo techniques to get you to the right audience.

There are no rules on the topics that you choose. You can literally write about anything that fascinates you.  There are people who are looking for your article. Just think what fascinates you and what you think will be useful for others to spend time on your blog.

Once you have a considerable amount of followers, there are various methods to monetize your blog like Google Adsense and other platforms.

2. Vlogging:

Vlogging is nothing but a video blogging. If you are a good entertainer or if you are comfortable in speaking in front of a camera then this could be your cup of tea.

All you need is a mobile phone camera and a Youtube account. There are lots of guys who earn six digit figures on Youtube just by doing what they love. Go through some of the Vlogs in Youtube to have an idea and start implementing them on your own videos.

3.  Freelancing:

If you have some special skills like web designing or graphic designing or any other, you can find out a great deal of freelance jobs available on the internet from websites like or and more.

4. Translation service:

There are lot of companies looking for a translator to translate some important documents and other materials for their commercial use from one language to another. If you know any additional languages like French, Chinese or any other languages, then you are the king. You can find out these kinds of jobs just by searching it on Google.

5. Social Media Management:

If you love spending time on Social media like facebook, twitter or instagram then you can turn your habit into a money making platform. There are companies which have huge followers on the social media but they don't have time to maintain it or upload some interesting content to engage their followers.

This is where the Social media mangers come in. If you think you have the skill to engage audience on the Social media, then this could be your Eureka moment.

I have listed only a little amount of things that you can do from your home. You can find out even more broader ideas to work on. If you have such things to share, please leave it on the comments.

Your mindset decides everything

The way you think, the way you feel. The way you feel, the way you act. The way you act, the results come. So it's very simple that if you think right, you'll get the right results.

Attitude makes all the difference

Change your attitude like a glass of water. If you fill a glass with water, the water takes the shape of the glass. If you fill the same water in a bottle, it takes the shape of the bottle.

If you fill it in a container, it takes the shape of the container without any resistance, without any friction.

That is the secret. If your attitude becomes absolutely non resistant, freely flowing like water, taking the shape of the situation you are in.

Then you will see your life will change dramatically and there is no fear of failure in you. Because your attitude will flow through the failure as well and you'll radiate only positiveness.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Some Interesting facts to learn and enjoy

During a chase, however, speeds increase; ducks, for example, can fly 60 mph or even faster, and it has been reported that a Peregrine Falcon can stoop at speeds of 200 mph (100 mph may be nearer the norm). Interestingly, there is little relationship between the size of a bird and how fast it flies.

What are the two planets closest to the sun?

Regardless of your view, here's the order of the eight larger planets, starting nearest the sun and working outward through the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

What organ produces adrenaline?

Epinephrine and norepinephrine are two separate but related hormones secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands. They are also produced at the ends of sympathetic nerve fibres, where they serve as chemical mediators for conveying the nerve impulses to effector organs.

Interesting facts about Himalayas

  • The word ‘Himalaya’ means the home or abode of snow.

  • According to Hindu mythology, God Shiva resides in the Himalaya.

  • There are eight peaks with a total of 19 points above 8000 metres in Nepal.

  • Fourteen mountains in the Himalaya exceed 8000 metres.

  • There are 25 points in all which exceed 8000 metres in the Himalaya.

  • The geological age of the Himalaya is approximately 70 million years.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sadhguru's exclusive tour named #Unplug with sadhguru

Failures are good but not with Kiki Challenge. 😅

These are some Instagram videos of cheeky challenge fails or the kiki challenge gone wrong with serious accident while shooting kiki challenge video.

Famous logos with a hidden meaning

Everyday consciously or unconsciously we come across different variety of advertisements all around us. In these advertisements, logos play a vital role with human psychology. Study says that when we remember a logo, we remember the whole brand. Here are few examples of how thoughtfully the logos are designed.

Top Indian Chefs on TV

According to

The Indian cuisine is an assortment of multifarious dishes that belong to the different geographical location of the country.

This leaves even a common Indian man oblivious to the staple food of the different regions; let alone be aware of the way the different dishes are cooked. Thanks to the advent of media and digital arena for bringing everything under one roof and making us aware of the different foods that occupies an intrinsic position in the Indian cuisine.

Here is a list of chefs from our motherland, who have made our lives easier by teaching us how to cook even the trickiest dishes at the comfort of our home.

Read the full story here..

    On this day of Raksha Bandhan

    What is Raksha Bandhan? Raksha means to protect. Bandhan means a bonding. It is basically a protective bonding between a boy and a girl. A small piece of decorated thread is tied on the wrist of a boy by a girl which symbolizes, it is the duty of the boy to treat her as his sibling and protect her like his own sister.

    Image courtesy:

    These days, as the violence on women increases day by day this Rakhi festival plays an important role in reminding men, that it is the duty of all men to protect all women and treat them as their own siblings.

    As Indian culture being one of the intelligent cultures in the world, they recognized the importance of women safety and it is the beauty of Indian culture to teach values through celebrations.

    As we celebrate the Rakhi festival today, We wish you all a happy Raksha Bandhan.

    Work - Life Balance Explained

    This is one of the serious topics that are usual in the corporate world. How to maintain work-life balance? Here are few tips and tricks.

    Choose three:
    Randy Zuckerberg the sibling of the facebook founder explains that we can only choose 3 things at a time. It is between work, sleep, family, and fitness. It is up to you to decide and prioritize your time.

    Know your time:
    Use a diary or notes in your mobile to keep track of what you do in a day. Categorize each task with urgent or non urgent category.

    Take some time off from your routine and do something which is completely out of your schedule and you'll definitely notice the difference in your body, mind and energy. 

    Saturday, August 25, 2018

    What is Internet of Things (IoT) - Explained

    IoT is the upcoming technology which is going to be a milestone in the evolution of technology. In simpler terms, IoT is nothing but the communication between electronic devices or gadgets.

    Let's say, you reach home from your office, and the sensor in the door scans your eyes and knows it is you and it opens. At the same time it sends a signal to the coffee machine that you have arrived and the coffee machine immediately brews your coffee as per your specifications.

    Once you enjoy your coffee, the coffee machine sends a signal to the geyser that you'll be taking a bath in 30 minutes. Your geyser will know the exact temperature that you would like to have and it'll heat the water exactly at the same temperature.

    These are some simple understanding of the IoT, it could be even more complex than we expect. We have to wait and see the magic that IoT is going to bring in our lives.

    Patanjali SIM Card is the latest buzz in the country

    According to NDTV India

    Yoga guru Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved has partnered state-run telecom company BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) to offer SIM cards. Called "Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM card", Patanjali's offering marks the FMCG company's foray into the country's highly competitivetelecom sector. BSNL on Tuesday shared details of a new plan, called "Patanjali BSNL 144". The state-run telecom company has announced three denominations in which the plan - meant for use with Patanjali's SIM card - will be available. Patanjali BSNL 144 will be available in denominations of Rs. 144, Rs. 792 and Rs. 1,584, BSNL said on microblogging site Twitter.

    1. The special plan will come with benefits such as free unlimited voice calls without roaming charges, 2 GB of data per day and 100 SMS per day for the respective validity period, according to BSNL.

    2. BSNL is offering a validity period of 30 days, 180 days and 365 days in denominations ofRs. 144, Rs. 792 and Rs. 1,584 respectively. Free voice calling, data and SMS benefits apply for the validity period according to the plan chosen by the subscriber.

    3. For example, a user subscribing to the Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM card with the plan of Rs. 144 will get 60 GBs of data with a daily limit of 2 GBs, among other benefits, for a period of 30 days. However, a subscriber of the Rs. 792 denomination will get a total of 360 GBs of data over 180 days, with a daily limit of 2 GBs.

    4. The Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM card was launched by yoga guru Ramdev last Sunday. The SIM card, available to Patanjali Ayurved staff for now, will be available to the general public soon.

    5. BSNL said the special plan is available "for members of Patanjali organisations like Bharat Swabhiman Nyas, Patanjali Yog Samiti, Mahila Prakostha, Yuva Bharat, Patanjali Kisan Seva, Swadeshi Samrudhi Card Holder".

    The country's telecom sector is witnessing high competition since the entry of Reliance Jio.
    Bharti Airtel currently offers a recharge pack at Rs. 249. This pack comes with 2 GBs of data per day along with free voice calls, among other benefits, for a validity period of 28 days. Rival telecom company Reliance Jio offers a recharge pack at Rs. 198, which comes with unlimited voice calls and 2 GBs of high speed data for a validity period of 28 days, among other benefits. Vodafone India offers 2 GBs of 4G/3G speed data for a validity period of 28 days in a recharge pack priced at Rs. 255. Other benefits include unlimited voice calls.

    Did you know? Jupiter has the most gravity in our solar system?

    Jupiter is the most massive planet in our Solar System, meaning it also has the highest gravity. If you stood on Jupiter – you cannot because it does not have a solid surface – than you would weigh two and a half times what you would on Earth.

    Jupiter is the largest and most massive planet in the Solar System. Its mean radius, at 69,911 ± 6 km, makes it 10.97 the times the size of Earth, while its mass (1.8986×1027 kg) is the equivalent of 317.8 Earths.

    But being a gas giant, Jupiter is naturally less dense than Earth and other terrestrial planets, with a mean density of 1.326 g/cm3.

    What’s more, being a gas giant, Jupiter does not have a true surface. If one were to stand on it, they would simply sink until they eventually arrived at its (theorized) solid core. As a result, Jupiter’s surface gravity (which is defined as the force of gravity at its cloud tops), is 24.79 m/s, or 2.528 g.

    Let's make learning an enjoyable thing for children

    Excerpt taken from Isha blog.

    Getting to know something, moving into a new area of life, learning, it’s always a joyful process. But unfortunately, schooling is not a joyful process for most children.

    I must tell you this. When I was just in my 6th standard, the President of India died and we got two days’ leave. The school was closed for two days. We went to the school. Then we came to know he is dead, and they announced that it’s a holiday today and also tomorrow.

    So, all of us met, me and my friends. ‘Wow! The President died means we get two days.’ We didn’t know this until then. ‘Two days off. Suppose the Prime Minister dies, how many days? Chief Minister dies, how many days?’

    In our minds, we’re just killing the whole cabinet, one by one, if they all die this year, how many days off will we get? Why is school such a horrible place? Because learning is always a joyful experience for any human being.

    Let's try to create an ambience like that!

    Motivation for the day - #Saturday Motivation

    We all know the man behind Google - Sundar Pichai for his great achievements. But we don't know the unknown facts about him. Let's explore..

    1. He was born in a below middle class family in 1972, as most of the Indians were considered middle class during that time.

    2. He was not a topper in the class, as everyone assume it to be. He was just a mediocre student.

    3. During his college days, he fell in love with a girl called Anjali. Later Sunder married her.

    4. When he got admission in the Stanford University, his parents didn't have enough money even for his flight ticket. So they borrowed it from their family members.

    5. The main secret for his success is truthfulness and perseverance in whatever things he do.

    How to communicate properly and effectively

    Communicating what you really wanna say is an art by itself. There are few methods you can try working on it and find out if it works.

    1. Listening: Be a good listener.

    2. Non verbal communication: Your body language, eye contact and tone of the voice does half the job.

    3. Clarity and Confidence : Try to convey your messages with clarity and make it simple for everyone to understand. Always have a friendly tone which is more effecter than speaking in a rough tone.

    4. Respect and Feedback : Always respect others view point and if you have some valuable suggestions to take, take it as a feedback and improve.

    Spend some time on reading about the great orators and their tips on the effective communication. 

    Kerala floods and the Onam Festival

    Dear Readers

    I have started this blog on this auspicious day of the Onam festival. We already know that the state of Kerala and the people of Kerala have been hit hard by the recent floods which devastated the whole state and took away many lives and their livelihoods.

    In spite of this devastating calamity, it is astounding to see the people of Kerala stood up with confidence and hope that this Onam festival will bring all the lost happiness and their wellbeing into their lives.

    Onam is celebrated usually on the month of August to September every year according to the Chingam calendar. The calendar followed by malayalis.  It is celebrated as the harvest festival and celebrated for 10 days with different events on each day.

    Onam is the most enjoyable and beautiful time for the Keralites who live all over the world. People from different parts of the world join together with their families and celebrate this grand festival with new clothes and sweets.

    The history talks about the Onam as a celebration of victory of a great emperor King Mahabali.

    Let us all wish the people of Kerala, a very happy Onam!