Thursday, August 30, 2018

Technology trends that will transform the world in 2018

1. IoT - Internet of things:

IoT is a technology which relates with the upcoming 5G technology which enables the devices to talk to each other. Smartphone and smart sensors will enhance the experience of the user.

A typical example for IoT is like the Google search suggestions. When you type a phrase on the Google search, it immediately gives you the suggestion based on your search habits. The same way IoT is a technology which knows your habits and behavior,  accordingly the devices gets instructions automatically and it behaves the way you want them to be.

2. Fintech revolution:

While Bitcoin and Blockchain are grabbing the headlines, mobile payments, wallets and payment gateways play an important role in transforming the world. In country like China the mobile payment volume has already exceeded 5 trillion dollars.

With crypto currencies and cashless initiatives taken by the governments will make a greener opportunities for the Fintechs.

3. AI and the Chat bots:

We have already seen most of the websites and companies started using chat bots for their customer support. Let's say you go to an airlines website and you want to include a meal in your air ticket and you can talk to a chat bot and get it done.

There are even more complex things a chat bot can do but we have to wait a little more time for the future to unfold and surprise us.    

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