Friday, September 21, 2018

Who invented Bread?

Unlike chocolate chip cookies or tomato soup, the invention of bread can't be pinned down to a single person or people; instead, it evolved to its present state over the course of millennia.

Although the modern version of sliced bread is a fairly new invention (Wonder Bread began marketing the first sliced loaf of bread in 1930), the bread itself is an ancient food with origins dating back more than 22,000 years.

Bread grains, the first plants to be domesticated, were first harvested in the wild by the Natufians. This Mesolithic group of hunter-gatherers lived in the Jordan River Valley region of the Middle East about 12,500 years ago.

The Natufians had the earliest known agricultural-based society and would process grains into a coarse flour, from which they made a "small, pita-like, unleavened loaf cooked directly on the coals of a fire. Over the next several thousand years, agriculture and the cultivation of grains spread across the Middle East and southwest Asia through trade contacts with other hunter-gatherer peoples in the Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, and east of the Indus Valley.

More than 5,000 years after the Natufians began making flatbread, three civilizations were rapidly growing and expanding during the Bronze Age: the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians (in what is modern-day Iraq) and the Harappans (in the Indus Valley, in what is modern-day Pakistan). All three civilizations, considered the largest in the ancient world, depended on bread.

Original content from livescience

What is an E-Sim? Explained here

eSim is an inbuilt integrated chip that will come along with your phone. There is no difference between eSIM card and today’s sim card except one thing and that thing is that plastic part (that plastic part whom shopkeeper charge Rs. 10 to cut it).

All the function are the same (can be something even better). Let’s put a scenario, imagine you, yes you who are reading this now, imagine you live in the US or UK and are using an eSIM on your phone. You don’t need to do anything different from plastic sim card, your contact will be saved like that you used to save in plastic type sim card, your call will be connected to your relatives same like that sim card.

It is available in India with only two telecom operators Jio and Airtel.

You can use it in the new apple watch series and 2019 iphone models.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

When your mind stops, You blossom!

Have you ever thought of stopping your mind? We all know that our mind is a chatterbox, it is on all the time, 24x7. Have you ever experienced a moment where there is no thought and the mind is still and empty?

If you have come across that kind of experience, you'll know it is a great joy and empowerment to have a mind which is absolutely thoughtless.

There are many ways to achieve it through some practices.

  • Wake up before sunrise and simply watch the sun coming up from the horizon. When I say watch, simply watch without any idea in your mind. You'll notice the mind immediately stops.

  • Sit comfortably in a place and stare at a mountain, If you live near a mountain. Just stare and the stillness of the mountain will encapsulate your mind.

  • The third is a simple technique. Just stare at the empty sky, or you can even imagine an empty sky. A sky without clouds. Just the empty clear sky. Just stare or imagine. You'll notice that the mind stops immediately. This is a very effective technique.

Casually try these steps, without any effort and you'll notice great results from it.