Thursday, September 20, 2018

When your mind stops, You blossom!

Have you ever thought of stopping your mind? We all know that our mind is a chatterbox, it is on all the time, 24x7. Have you ever experienced a moment where there is no thought and the mind is still and empty?

If you have come across that kind of experience, you'll know it is a great joy and empowerment to have a mind which is absolutely thoughtless.

There are many ways to achieve it through some practices.

  • Wake up before sunrise and simply watch the sun coming up from the horizon. When I say watch, simply watch without any idea in your mind. You'll notice the mind immediately stops.

  • Sit comfortably in a place and stare at a mountain, If you live near a mountain. Just stare and the stillness of the mountain will encapsulate your mind.

  • The third is a simple technique. Just stare at the empty sky, or you can even imagine an empty sky. A sky without clouds. Just the empty clear sky. Just stare or imagine. You'll notice that the mind stops immediately. This is a very effective technique.

Casually try these steps, without any effort and you'll notice great results from it.

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